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Subject: Gay life 5 11 pants
in the woodsAll rights are reserved by the author. Do not copy sell or post. You must
be of legal age to read. My Mom nudist 13 girls photo had 12-15 free gallarie post the brilliant idea to send me off to a youth work
program. She said it would do me good to be around nature and earn a few
bucks to boot during the summer. So off I went to the wilderness of
Washington State. I was meet at the bus station by the man who would be
my sponsor for the next 60 days. I knew what he looked like by a photo
the agency had given me in the file. He was much more handsome then the
photo and that looked pretty good to me. His name is Jed and as He walked
towards me at the bus station I couldn't believe how chiness 4 sex
hot looking He was.
tall like 6 foot 4 not an ounce of fat on Him broad strong sp3 crack
shoulders and
a big daddy rhino 852 waist no more then 28 inches. Thick jet black hair and a rugged
handsome face with light green eyes. Jed had on a pair of really worn
blue jeans a flannel shirt with T-shirt. His flannel shirt was rolled up
to His elbow and his arms were as hair as a dogs. His smile and hand
shake had me melting right there in the station.
His pick up was loaded with supplies of food and things for the
ranch. As We drove the hour to His ranch he was telling me about the work
he was doing there. turns out it was not really a ranch but camp Jed was
running for rich city people who wanted to rough it up for a few weeks. I
liked the guy adult porno tube 111
and His way of talking to me as if We were equals and not
adult to kid thing. He told me all about how He got the place going and
did pretty well in the last few years. He kept the place rustic because
that is what was expected from His customers. His place was the only
cabin with modern features like running water and power, even a TV Thank
The cabin was a one room affair. Kitchen bath and a bar and living
room combo on the first floor bed room with half bath up in a loft above
the main room. My heart skipped a beat nude boy 16 yound
when Jed said We would have to
share the bed cause there was only the one. He would show me around the
next day and my main job would be to care for the 10 horse barn he had. I
was nervous about Our sleeping together. I had never had a gay experience
but had been thinking of it way too much and now having to sleep with
this hunk all night would be a real hardship but I decided to just do it
best as I could.
Over dinner Jed was telling me after a few beers that it was all men
who rented the cabins from Him and as the nearest town was an hours drive
I should forget women for the next 60 days.I said 'Oh Well I guess my hand will be getting a good work out then?Jed laughed and put His hand to His crotch as if pussy asia 15 age He was beating His meat
and said 'yep same here Kevin, this is what keeps me sane"I couldn't take my eyes off His crotch now that He bought it to my
attention and I could make out the out line of what looked to be a nice
piece of man meat. He was now holding his crotch and feeling His cock
through his tight jeans and i just kept looking then He 40 sex vids said "Kevin I
to know that I am not a bashful man and being as it is just the
two of Us here alone You are going to see me walking around naked a lot,
In fact I am surprised i still have these cloths on. usually i peel bleach 183 review them
off soon as i come home"I now looked up from his growing crotch and said "Oh hey Yea Jed chiness 4 sex if that
is what 13 y.o sex porn You are use to don't stay dressed on my account"Jed smiled at me still holding His bulge and said "Well to be honest with
You Kevin. I am a little embarrassed here, See I didn't have time today
to take care of this thing and it is kind of wanting some attention"I looked down at his crotch again and it was really big. At first I was
at a loss for 38 bust something to say and so just sat looking at it and then pretty nude 12y girl I
said "well Jed I heard there are ways two guys can kind of help each
other with that problem?Jed's hand came off His crotch and He stood up. I was regretting having
said what I had. He slowly walked to the refrigerator and got Us each a
beer. He came up beside me and looking down He handed me a beer. my face
was angels pussy nude 15yo right at His crotch and he had those blue jeans really tented out. I
took the beer and nervously licked my lips. He smiled and patted me on
the shoulder saying "Kevin I know You are not a minor and your legal just
barely but legal and all but have You ever helped a buddy with this kind
of problem before? He was holding His engorged cock again while he said
this and waited for my answer. His face told me I had nothing to fear
from Him and I said. " Well to be truthful Jed, no I never actually did
anything like that but I have thought about it a lot. how about you? You
ever get into helping a buddy like that?Still rubbing His crotch He slowly shook His head and His black hair was
bobbing on His forehead as He said "Yes Kevin to be truthful with You too
I have done that I have helped a buddy a few times. It gets lonely up
here and I have a neighbor six miles over and We kind of sleep over twice
a month at each others pussy asia 15 age
place and He lets me do Him up the rear. Last
month he nudist 16 girl told me he was going to stop doing that cause I wouldn't let him
do me up 17 deep bath vanity the rear and so I gave in and he kind of took my cherry"I was looking from His crotch to His face and sporting my own hard on and
I said " Well I guess that is only fair I mean 1940 transportation sex if You do Him I guess You
should let Him do You too?Jed was talking but the words were not registering in my mind because as
he spoke He was undoing His fly. Little by little His white briefs were
being shown to me as he talked. his cock straining to get free its big
cock head wetting the thin material of His briefs with pre-cum. My hand
was now on my own cock and my eyes on His fly. the whole fly was open now
and He was undoing the belt. the jeans were opened and he let them fall
to the floor. My eyes darted to His thick powerful bare and so hairy
legs. thick black hair covered them. Back up to his tented briefs. he
reached into the top of His briefs 18yo ella pics and was holding his bare cock.You want to check it out kevin? He saidI nodded my head and reched up and put my hand down into His 2 sexy latinas briefs next
to his own hand. I came to the head of his bare cock. so wide and wet
with cum soft yet hard and then I was feeling His cock shaft. it was
really thick and long a good 9.5 I found out later to my delight. He was
moaning as I explored his cock. he was now pulling off his shirt and
peeling off his T-shirt. I was pulling down his briefs and He was
stepping out of His jeans and briefs, My hand never left his cock nor
wanted to.I said " Jed, I've never done anything like this and I am not sure how
good I will be at it but I want to do it with You"Naked now except for His socks and boots he smiled at 55 older communities nc
me and said " You
are doing just great kevin and We have two whole months to make You good
at it. Just do what ever you want. Take a taste of my man meat for me"He was really pre-cuming a lot and i held His cock head in my hand the
cum spilling out of His wide cum hole I leaned to it and licked the cum
hole tasting his cum for the first time and liking it a whole lot. I took
His mushroom flared cock head into my mouth and he was now pulling my
head to His cock. i was now a real cocksucker and loving it. I held His
heavey big 2010 fall prada
hair balls in my hand and the feel of a man's sweaty bare
balls was hot. he was fucking His cock into my m,outh telling me he lo ed
my blow job. I wanted nothing more then toplease this man and loved his
smell and the sweet 14yo porn taste of His 9.5 cock in my 2010 fall prada mouth.He said ' Let's get up in that bed boy i want to duck Your cock too"We got to the bed and Jed ripped sex yong 14 girl off the blankets and he was helping me
take off my cloths. he took hold of my bare cock and said ' Oh fuck kevin
nice meat man real nice. I love it boy how big is this monster?I proudly said " Its a good 8.5 jed and I like You doing this to me too."I made a mental note 40plus porn to do to his cock what he was now doing to mine.
Then he had Us in bed and We were sucking in a 69 eating licking each
others balls. He still had His boots and socks on. I pulled off one boot
as I wanted to feel Hhis bare foot and what a reward I got so masculine
was his bare foot. Jed was teaching me how to treat a man's bare foot and
I was licknig and sucking His bare foot as he was doing mine then back to
that monster cock. opening wide to take in His thickness and so proud of
myself when I was able to deep thoat His man meat. He was cuming in my
mouth and i was taking his thick load after load of cum. he then beat my
meat until i was ready to shoot and then he took my load into His
handsome mouth.
We were laying in the bed getting our breaths when We heard the door
open and a voice call out " Jed you up there boy?Jed called back " Yea Ron come on up buddy i got me AN9MAL VIDEO PORN
a surprise for you"I started to pull the blanket from the floor to cover myself but Jed said
" No need to bother kevin it's just Ron the neighbor i told You I was
fucking with. he has seen plenty of cock before"Ron came to the bed and he was a dream of a man. curly light blonde hair.
a perfect V shape and strong arms in just a summer T-shirt and jeans. Jed
introduced me as his summer help and Ron joked that sims 2 dress up it sure looked like i
was getting use to things pretty fast. Ron was talking about some farm
problems all the while He was taking off his boots. Then off came the
T-shirt and i just looked at the most wonderful man's chest i had ever
seen. 40plus porn
his jeans were pulled down and then His briefs and with his 8 inch
cock bobbing in front of him he came into the bed behind me. Without a
word He said " Jed here and I share men so time to take my share Kevin."He had me pushed onto my side and I felt His fat cock along 5 11 pants
the crack of
my ass as Hhis strong bare arms pulled me into it. His hairy leg over my
hip held me locked in place. Jed was giving him a tube of KY and i knew i
was going to have this handsome hot blonde take my cherry. I said " No
wait a minute if I am going to lose my cherry I want Jed here to do it to
me first."
Ron gave me one more long push of His cock against my crack and pulled
away. Jed came behind me and had me locked in place with His powerful leg
like ron had the his hand was guiding his 9.5 meat into my hole. pushing
that fat thick cock into my virgin hole I yelled out in pain but then Ron
put his hard cock into my mouth. more cock was fucked into my hole a it
soon stopped hurting and I found myself begging and 12yo preview wanting more of this
stud fucking into me. Cock was wonderful i loved it now loved the feel of
a man fucking deep inside me loved that cock bare ass in me fucking me
pounding me. I knew I wanted to be fucked more and more. i swore to
myself when i got home I would be getting all my buddies to fuck me like
this. So Jed shot his load into my hole and pulled out. Ron the handsome
strong blonde was behind me now and pushing his bare cock into my cum
soaked hole and I was pushing back on his cock to the most to get all of
it. he fucked me so long and hard before He too was filling me hole with
His cream.
Jed laid down in my spot now and i came behind Him and I was fucking
His hole and loving His hole around my cock and my fucking into him and
His powerful body under my control as I pounded my first male pussy. I
crreamed into Him more then I had ever shot in my life and Jed loved my
creaming him. Later We three sat on the
front porch having our beers all 80 s style skirts balls ass naked. except Jed had on a
pair of thick white socks. A car was pulling up and I yelled We should
get dressed.Ron laughed and said " Don't get all worked up kevin it's just my kid
Brother and he is cool with what We do here"I boy of about my age then 18 came from the car. I sp3 crack
could see He was ron's
Brother they looked like 46 h bras
twins. he shook my hand and kept looking down at
my bare cock.Ron said " Kevin here is now one of us Gary. See all the fun Your missing
not getting into it with Us?Gary took a drink of His beer and looking at me said " My Brother here
and Jed have been trying to get me to let them fuck me for years now but
i always held out on them"I said " Well Gary nude boy 16 yound tonight was my first time doing it with a man and I'll
tell you I wish I had known years ago just what I was missing. I really
loved it all"Gary looked kind of surprised at that. ron was undoing Gary's fly and
then His belt. Gary said " I let him blow me whenever He wants. Makes him
easier to live with when He can suck on my cock every now and then."Ron said " Yea but he won't give up that hot ass of his or even fuck mine
for me when I need it"Ron was on His knees now sucking Gary's hard thick cock into His mouth
His blonde curly hair bobbing on his brothers man meat. Jed cummins m-11 starter came out with
more beers and handing them to us 15 cock while Gary was getting a blow job Jed
said " Gary This boy here sweet 14yo porn
just been fucked twice and he loved it now why
don't you go and give Him a nice hard man to man fuck and join the club"Gary looked over at me while He was feeding His 9 inch cock into His own
Brothers mouth and said " I think you guy's caught me at a weak moment,
Hell yea i'll fuck my man here. but now what do I have to give in return?Jed stepped up and held out His hard 9.5 cock and said ' You just got to
let me and Ron here take you cherry and fuck you when ever We want to"I thought that was the end of it but instead Gary smiled and said ' OK
Jed first Ron's fucks into me takes my cherry then you fuck into me and
then my man kevin here and I get to fuck all you"Ron came up from His Brothers cock and said " Hot dam we finally are
going to get Hias hot ass. We have Us a deal. Kevin get over here and
bend over for my Brothers cock fucking"I came in front of This handsome 18 year gay 19 porn old stud with his cock sticking
out of His jeans bent over and then Gary was lining up His cock head to
my hole and pushing it into me. His cock head was the thickest of all of
us and as cum soaked as my hole was it hurt like hell but he fucked it
into me and he was holding my bare hips and he really fucked cock into me
pounding my hole. Ron came behind Gary and pulled down His jeans and was
eating his ass as He fucked my hole royal. then Ron was fucking His bone
into His own Brother. Gary was hooked he loved my hole and al the while
he was coming He said how he like 5 11 uniforms my hole and loved ron Fucking into him
too. The jed took Us into the bed and jed fucked his prick into Gary
creaming him and the i fucked Gary adding my cream to the others. That
was the night I also trace my foot fetish too. cause all night i got to
lick suck toes lick feet and loved it love the feel of Jed's socks on
while he fucked and Gary's masculine high arched feet. the bare-2-breakers san francisco
smell of Ron's
manly strong feet. I also got the thing for balls sweaty hairy man's
balls. The taste of cum and the feel of my hole wet and soaked with men's
We all fell asleep naked except for socks on some that night in the
bed. I was holding onto Gary's bare feet. this was going to be the best
summer yet and I knew i was gay from then on and was making my plans to
fuck and get fucked by my buddies back home. Gary was now in the club and
he is now a real sexy girl 3gp
cock hound just like His big brother.
live in Montreal let me know or Philly Pa.?
Kevin Kelly
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